LACsell® BIO Nutrazeutika GmbH

LACsell® BIO Nutrazeutika GmbH is a medium-sized company located in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and belongs to the metropolitan region of Hamburg.

Our innovative LACsell® Colostrum products are convincing due to their unique composition with 100% Colostrum and effective additives in the form of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

LACsell® Colostrum products are suitable for the whole family, because the family is an important part of life for us. It offers us protection, safety and security. Good health at all times is a fundamental prerequisite for this, even into old age.

A healthy and balanced diet is of essential importance – optimally supported by our nutraceuticals/nutritional supplements.

As a manufacturer we stand by these statements with our brand LACsell® – registered and protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office. This is because your satisfaction is what drives us.

The following branded products are protected by the Patent and Trademark Office:

Baby milk powder

  1. Aptilac® 1 Baby milk powder
  2. Aptilac® 2 Baby milk powder
  3. Aptilac® 3 Baby milk powder

Children’s milk powder

  1. Aptilac® 1 Small children from 2 years
  2. Aptilac® 1 Small children from 4 years

Health products:

  1. Cognimedax® Tablets
  2. Children Immunomedax® Hard Capsule
  3. Immunomedax® Hard Capsule
  4. Neuromedax® Hard Capsule
  5. Osteomedax® Hard Capsule
  6. Metabomedax® Hard Capsule
  7. Children Gastromedax® Soft Capsule
  8. Gastromedax® Soft Capsule

For your safety, we also work with an electronic inventory control system. This system enables us to track goods for each batch produced, and it can be assigned to our company and to the respective products in Germany and worldwide via the global location number EAN 42 606877 600 00.