On this page we would like to inform you in advance about our activities, new products, and also about current legal regulations.


All LACsell® Colostrum products are legally classified as food or dietary supplements. Nutraceuticals are a subgroup of dietary supplements, but currently do not have a legal framework. They are, therefore, not a substitute for medical treatment and must not be understood as such.

Due to the German Medicines Act, we as a manufacturer and as a distributor are not permitted to emphasize a health, performance-enhancing and/or special medical effect of our LACsell® Colostrum products.

We can only make statements about the effects of Colostrum in nature and what possible benefits may be derived from this for humans.

Therefore, we would like to refer you to the numerous worldwide published statements and literature regarding application experiences and medical studies on Colostrum.

We ask for your understanding. Thank you very much.