Quality and Safety

In the production of nutraceuticals/nutritional supplements, consistently high quality and product safety are the best prerequisites for creating long-term trust.

With this ambitious claim, our partner companies produce for the national and international market under the following certifications:

1. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

It goes without saying that manufacturers have a statutory responsibility for food safety. GMP ensures this as a binding element of the relevant rules and guidelines.

2. MPG Certificate EN ISO 13485:2016

MPG (Medizin Produkte Gesetz) certifies the corresponding products by an independent accredited approval body.

3. DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485

In compliance with this certificate, our manufacturers fulfill the basic requirements to produce as a manufacturer of medical devices.

4. Certificate – CAC/RCP1-1969 Rev. 4-2003

This certificate allows manufacturers to develop, manufacture, package and distribute powdered products, such as tablets and capsules, for human use.

5. Other Approvals

In addition to the above certificates, one of our manufacturing plants also holds a permit for the production of dietary and kosher foods.