COLOSTRUM the building block of life

The life of every human being begins with birth. In order for newborns to develop their own immune system and, thus, strengthen their defenses, they receive Colostrum, also called first milk, from their mothers during breastfeeding. Colostrum is highly concentrated and rich in proteins and nutrients. Even a small amount is enough to give the baby an ideal start in life.

Colostrum is common to all mammals. Colostrum from cows, in particular, is very close in composition to our own breast milk. Because it is defatted, bovine Colostrum is also very well tolerated by humans. It contains a high proportion of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, growth factors and antibodies (immunoglobulins). The high concentration of valuable ingredients makes Colostrum unique in nature.


In combination with selected vitamins and minerals, the ingredients in Colostrum support a wide variety of bodily functions. This balanced mix of high-quality ingredients forms the basis of the Colostrum products from LACsell® BIO Nutrazeutika GmbH .