The raw material Colostrum

Inspired by the example of nature, we have developed extremely effective Colostrum-based products, whereby the individual ingredients are obtained equally in biological and technical cycles, which have lasting positive effects on the environment and on your health.

Our liquid Colostrum is obtained exclusively from farms with controlled (organic) animal husbandry, and which have only one goal – healthy mother cows and Colostrum free of antibiotics and hormone residues.

The liquid processing is done by a patented cold filtration with a subsequent gentle freeze-drying without any heat – which finally leads to our typical crystalline powder.

We specifically use this fine Colostrum powder in our formulas, together with selected nutrients and specific vitamins and minerals, which helps to compensate for deficiencies in our diet. This philosophy is reflected in all LACsell® Colostrum products.

Our producers

Since we primarily use local production resources, the production of our LACsell® Colostrum products is always carried out via contract filling in Germany in order to support economic structures and jobs.

Especially in contract filling, we place special emphasis on quality, safety and reliability in all production processes. Even printing and outer packaging are structurally fully integrated.

Furthermore, the ISO 22000 certified production processes of the dietary supplements, as well as the most modern analysis procedures, guarantee an absolute maximum of quality from the raw material to the finished end product.