The immune system of children is not fully developed from birth. In addition to an innate defense unit, the non-specific immune defense, the core of the second unit – the specific immune defense – develops until about 10 years of age.

The immune system in adults is the perfect, all-round protection for our health. As one of the body’s most important protective mechanisms, it is always in action – usually without us even noticing.

With health we associate positive things such as fitness, joie de vivre and satisfaction. But good health is also a prerequisite for coping with the numerous demands of work and private life. Only those who are healthy can be effective, efficient, creative and motivated.

Our bones and their connective tissue form a unit. Our bone system is divided into two groups

    • a special tissue that gives them shape and stability (matrix)
    • various minerals that are deposited in the matrix – mainly calcium and phosphate – compact and strengthen the structure.

Bones are constantly being remodeled to adapt to changing requirements. Up to about the age of 35, more bone mass is normally built up than is broken down. From about the age of 35, bone reduction gradually takes over and accelerates with age. Healthy older people lose about 0.5 to 1 percent of their bone mass per year.

Energy metabolism is the production of energy through biochemical processes. It is a part of metabolism and has the task of continuously providing and securing energy for the body.
For energy intake, organic substances must be supplied so that the body can obtain usable energy from them (energy metabolism).